The Democratic Attorneys General Association, Inc. (DAGA) is a political organization formed to support the election of Democrats to the office of Attorney General in all of the states and territories of the US. DAGA will make contributions to and expenditures on behalf of Democratic candidates for Attorney General and contributions to state and local Democratic Party committees as appropriate.










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Featured Attorney General

Viriginia Attorney General Mark Herring

On December 20th, the Virignia recount officially ended and again Mark Herring was delcared winner of the 2013 Virginia Attorney General race.

Attorney General Herring pledges to put Virginia law first instead of extreme ideology, and pledges to be a champion of public safety, vetern services, civil rights and consumer and small business protection.

After serving for seven years in the state legislature, Attorney General Herring is Virginia's first Democratic attorney general in 20 years.

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In the News

State attorney general seeks to join marijuana lawsuits in Fife, Wenatchee

Kent Reporter - 7/31/14

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Thursday moved to intervene in three marijuana lawsuits filed against the cities of Wenatchee and Fife.


Final Debate Turns Contentious in State Attorney General Primary

KNAU Arizona Public Radio- 7/29/14

The two Republican candidates for attorney general faced off Monday night in their last televised debate before early voting starts this week.


North Carolina says it will no longer defend gay marriage ban in court

Los Angeles Times - 7/28/14

North Carolina's attorney general said Monday that the state would stop defending its same-sex marriage ban against legal challenges, just hours after a federal appeals court ruled that a similar ban in Virginia is unconstitutional.

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