3D Guns: a case study on why Democratic AGs are the most important office on the ballot in November

August 1, 2018

Have you been following the latest on 3D-printed guns?  The 3D-printed gun blueprints would have been released today, but for a group of Democratic AGs who successfully blocked their release last night.

Democrats in Congress also attempted – but ultimately failed – to stop the release of the 3D-printed gun blueprints. Yesterday, Senator Bill Nelson tried to call a vote on his bill banning the release of these blueprints, but Republican Senator Mike Lee blocked the vote.

Senator Nelson’s statement on the floor claimed that “Tonight at midnight, American national security is going to be irreversibly weakened because of the actions of the administration because [it] will allow the online publication of blueprints to manufacture 3D manufacturing of plastic guns.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Attorneys General went to court and got a TRO that prevents the prints from being released nationwide.

The events that transpired on the 3D-printed guns issue highlight the different tools that Democratic AGs are using to protect our communities and prioritize public safety while Congress is hopelessly deadlocked.  As we see again and again, our Democratic AGs are the last and strongest line of defense against this administration.

There are more than 30 Attorney General seats in play in the midterms. This office is the most important vote on the ballot to protect our democracy. Full stop.

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