About the Democratic
Attorneys General Association

The Democratic Attorneys General Association provides political and policy support to Democratic State Attorneys General in their mission to protect citizens, promote progress and support civil rights.

Democratic Attorneys General do incredible work, and as a Committee, we are building a platform to highlight their successes, showcase their efforts, and fight for them as they fight for you.

In 2016, the Committee moved its operations from Denver, CO to Washington, DC and for the first time, hired a full-time professional staff. The staff includes those with political experience as well as talented professionals who are now working with a political organization for the first time. In this hour, we seek to blend the cutting-edge skills of those who feel compelled to act after the November elections with those who know how to run political operations. We are building the kind of political organization that can respond quickly to the changes in an evolving political landscape. We have committed to a fresh approach to data, targeting, and narrative development and are building an internal team to provide these services to our Attorneys General. Additionally, we have launched a new model for strategic partnerships to support these internal efforts – efforts focused on helping Democratic Attorneys General win and communicating more effectively with voters, including those in red states.

DAGA also is committed to the success of our peer Democratic committees. Where Democratic Attorneys General wish to run for another office such as Governor or U.S. Senate, we provide the staff assistance and operational support to our AGs to make sure they are equipped to run and win! We accept responsibility for helping our AGs achieve their professional goals today and tomorrow. If we succeed in our aims, then the Democratic Governors Association and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have a better chance of succeeding in theirs. Looking ahead, we are keenly aware of the role we can play in redistricting both directly as the chief legal officer in our States and indirectly by helping Attorneys General be elected Governors in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Concurrently, we seek the best and brightest to run for State Attorney General. We seek those with unwavering courage and who are prepared to work tirelessly to defend those among us who can not stand up for themselves. Democratic Attorneys General believe in fairness and equality under the law. Regardless of religion, race, class, gender, age, orientation, or political beliefs, we will fight for your rights and liberties. No one – not even a President – is above the law. If you believe as we do, act.