Homophobe and Republican AG Candidate Doug Wardlow Continues to Support Hate Group

August 29, 2018

I wanted to be sure you saw this article about Doug Wardlow, the Republican candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota.

The article rightfully labels Wardlow as Minnesota’s ‘throwback homophobic candidate’ due to his consistent history of attacking LGBTQ people and attempting to undermine policies that benefit equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

For the last four years, Wardlow has served as legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, a well-known anti-LGBTQ hate group that:

Wardlow continues to list the ADF as his employer on Linkedin and has attacked LGBTQ communities on his own including: 

Of course, the Republican Attorneys General Association wasted no time in throwing blind support behind Wardlow in Minnesota, calling him a candidate who “will always put Minnesota first”—unless you identify as LGBTQ , that is.

Minnesotans have the opportunity to vote against Wardlow’s hateful agenda this November. Doug Wardlow’s continued close ties with the ADF and his history of supporting outdated and often violent anti-LGTBQ policies do not put Minnesota first—and they have no place in the office of the Minnesota Attorney General.

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