Democratic Attorneys General Association Announces Collaboration with General Assembly To Support 2018 Election Cycle

DAGA will Hire GA-Trained Web Developers to Help Elect Democratic Attorney General Candidates Across the Country

Washington, D.C. The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) announced today a collaboration effort with General Assembly (GA), a pioneer in education and career transformation in fields such as coding, data, and design, to build a pathway for web developers to connect with the political committee ecosystem. Over the course of the 2018 cycle and beyond, DAGA will hire GA alumni to serve as web development fellows to support DAGA’s mission to elect and support Democratic Attorneys General.

“Just like General Assembly, here at DAGA we are committed to diversity and impact.” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director at Democratic Attorneys General Association.We are thrilled to coordinate with General Assembly to pair talented individuals with Democratic political interests with our revitalized committee team. This fellowship is another example of how this committee does things differently and how we continue to innovate our approach to supporting our members and Democratic Attorneys General by finding ways to bring the skills of those outside the political world into this arena.”

The first fellow in 2018 is Erin Dawson. Dawson spent over a decade working in the service industry before making a career switch by enrolling in GA in 2017. She graduated from the program in Summer 2017.

“General Assembly’s program helped me reconnect with my goals and harness my creative side,” said Erin Dawson, Web Development Fellow at the Democratic Attorneys General Association and GA alumna. “Through this collaboration, I landed at the Democratic Attorneys General Association—really coming full circle with my studies in political science as an undergraduate.”

GA’s central mission is to create pathways so that everyone with the dedication and commitment to reshape their career can do so, regardless of their prior experience or ability to pay for the training they need to get there. Over the last few years, GA spent time launching and refining strategies and programs that break down barriers and contribute to the diversity of the tech sector. The DAGA fellowship program is one example of how GA connects people to career opportunities for specific interests or goals.

“At GA, we work to represent the many different pathways to success we have here in America,” said Shanaz Chowdhery, Regional Director, Washington D.C. for General Assembly. “The Democratic Attorneys General Association shares that mission and we are excited to place GA alums with a committee dedicated to making sure the People’s Lawyers reflect the people.”

DAGA provides political and policy support to Democratic State Attorneys General and candidates in their mission to create opportunities to help hard-working students and families, defend the rights of immigrants and their children, protect access to affordable and quality healthcare, safeguard environmental protections, promote equality, and serve as the People’s lawyer. Recently, the organization launched a new model for strategic partnerships to support their efforts to help Democratic Attorneys General win and communicating more effectively with voters, including those in red states. General Assembly began as a co-working space in 2011 has since grown into a global learning experience with campuses in 20 cities and over 35,000 graduates worldwide. As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap.

For more information on DAGA, please visit: https://www.democraticags.org/.

For more information on General Assembly, please visit: https://generalassemb.ly/.