Mike Lee Holds Press Conference to Address Release of AG Rutledge’s Damning Personal Files

August 24, 2018

Arkansas AG Rutledge Releases Damning Personal Files After Attacking Judge, Media; Democratic Candidate Mike Lee to Hold Press Conference Today at 1PM CST

Yesterday, Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) chair and Arkansas AG, Leslie Rutledge released what she says is her full personnel file from her time working at the state Department of Human Services (DHS), including eight pages of previously unreleased documents a judge ruled should be public under the state Freedom of Information Act.

Today, Democratic candidate for Attorney General in Arkansas, Mike Lee, held a press conference at his campaign headquarters in Little Rock and livestreamed at facebook.com/MikeLeeAR to discuss the files released and to ask the voters of Arkansas, “do not re-hire” Leslie Rutledge as Attorney General in November.

In response to the order to release files, not only did Rutledge personally attack the Judge claiming, “the decision reached by a liberal judge is not about me,” she also went after the “fake news” media and “deep state” bureaucrats.

The release of these documents follows a lawsuit filed by a taxpayer, Reed Brewer, and expose another part of Rutledge’s troubled work history including racially insensitive comments, inadequate job performance, and an alarming “do not re-hire” red flag placed on her files by her supervisor at DHS.

The newly released files only further illuminate Rutledge’s distressing work record of “gross misconduct” including the mishandling of foster cases involving young children and failure to appear in court. Interestingly, the “do not re-hire” red flag placed on Rutledge may even prohibit her from being hired in the office of Attorney General, the very office she current heads.

Catch the livestream from today at facebook.com/MikeLeeAR.

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