July 31, 2018

DAGA’s First-of-Its-Kind Voter Education Program Reached More Than One Million Voters Heading into Final 100 Days ‘til Election Day; Watch Video “One Million Voters” Here

Washington, D.C.— As we cross the 100 days until Election Day mark, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (@DemocraticAGs) announced they have reached more than one million voters through the organization’s first-of-its-kind volunteer-to-voter education texting program. The texting program works to educate voters early in the campaign cycle about the attorney general races in key states as well give voters an opportunity to share concerns they want Attorney General candidates to address.  The Democratic Attorneys General Association is the only committee texting specifically about Attorney General races.

“The office of Attorney General is the most important office on the ballot this November—and this committee is educating voters on these races in a way that works for voters and for volunteers—the door knock is evolving into a text conversation with individual voters that can last for weeks in some cases,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “While our Republican counterparts and the candidates they support, like Brad Schimel, brag about a strategy for winning by keeping working families from voting, we are listening to voters and encouraging them to do get out on Election Day.”

“There are 100 days to go until Election Day, and internal tracking shows that this texting program is putting our Democratic Attorney General races and our candidates on the radar for voters in a new way,” continued Rankin.

This volunteer-to-voter texting program runs with support from Open Progress and oPro by Open Progress, a group that connects digital volunteers to progressive causes nationwide. Our joint program’s success began with a pilot in Virginia during the 2017 race and since expanded to include Arizona, Arkansas, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, among the more than 35 Attorney General seats in play in 2018.

“These text platforms not only allow volunteers the opportunity to engage in the political process from virtually anywhere, but it also affords voters flexibility when they have a spare moment,” said Elizabeth Haynes, Co-Founder Open Progress and oPro by Open Progress. “We are thrilled to be working with DAGA to support Democratic Attorney General races in states across the country—and what we know from our volunteers is that voters are keen to put Attorneys General in office who will put their needs first.”

DAGA moved from a part-time committee in Denver to a professional operation in Washington, D.C. two years ago, and has since continued to prioritize innovation, digital tools, data, and relationship building as key elements to providing political and policy support for Democratic Attorneys General and candidates. Our volunteer-to-voter texting program aligns with the committee’s efforts to educate voters, elevate Democratic Attorneys General and candidates, and generate excitement around Attorney General races.

On a related track, earlier this month, DAGA joined a broad coalition of leading progressive political organizations to launch ‘The Last Weekend’, an unprecedented cultural and political initiative to catalyze nationwide volunteering leading up to and including the last weekend before the midterm elections (Sat 11/3 – Tues 11/6). The Last Weekend is the first time major progressive groups have united at this scale in a strong, coordinated effort to support Democratic candidates up and down the ticket and across the country. DAGA will bring volunteers into the texting program both for GOTV weekend as well as for state-specific opportunities tied to Attorneys General races.

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